Download Electrical Control Techniques Simulator

EKTS "Electrical Control Techniques Simulator"`  allows the use of different numbers of different motor types to build custom motor circuits. The main purpose of the simulator is to teach the basics of electromechanical systems, so it has an error pointing function, which can display the exact location of the error and the cause of the error. Another useful function is to list all the circuit components used to calculate the price and define the components that will be used. EKTS does not calculate the current and power distribution through circuit elements, so it cannot guarantee the same results in the actual environment. We strongly recommend obtaining the approval of the supervisor before applying the designed circuit in the actual environment.

Features of Electrical Control Techniques Simulator :

1. Design and test electromechanical circuits.

2. Study the working principle and analyze the process of current passing through the circuit 

3. Use different motor types to design custom motor circuits together

4. Print out the circuit or save it as an image for learning materials

5. Test the circuit before applying them to the factory 

6. List the used elements to define their configuration

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