Getting Started with SEE Electrical

 This document is intended for anyone who is just new to SEE Electrical. Either users who already have experience with electrical drawings, or people who are not at all familiar with this kind of drawing. On the other hand, the readers' different levels of proficiency in IT tools are also taken into account. That is why the instructions have been detailed to the maximum. If you feel that some of the steps are "a little too basic", feel free to take the next step.

It is recommended that you follow the guide using a mouse, as the laptop's touchscreen mouse lacks precision and precision is required to position components quickly and accurately. Steps that include "clicks" or "selections" suggest using the left mouse button. The right mouse button is used less and you will be specifically told when it is needed.

At each step, before executing the instructions, we encourage you to always compare what you are drawing with what is on the respective pictures as this will tell you that what you have done is correct.

You will familiarize yourself fairly quickly with the various functions and know how to apply them. The biggest advantage of SEE Electrical over other CAD (ECAD) electrical software packages is its ease of use. A minimum training period is required before users can quickly create their own complex cases.

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