How to use CADe SIMU - Electrical

 Presentation of CADe SIMU

You will understand the main features of this software and know the application of this tool in the day to day of the professional in the electrical area, both for the execution of small projects and for didactic purposes.

At the end you will be able to:

  • Understand the features of the CADe SIMU software;
  • Identify the structure of the file generated by the software;
  • Identify the user profile that uses CADe SIMU.

You will get to know the features of this software and be able to assign its tools to your day-to-day routine. From the details discussed, we will deal with important concepts and functionalities for an excellent performance of the software. So let's start.

CADe SIMU is a professional application software aimed at the electrical area, more specifically “Electrical Commands”. With it, it is possible to assemble power and control diagrams in an easy, interactive and fast way.

Some tools present make it possible to simulate the functioning of the built projects.

In its library, this software has a large number of the most used symbologies that allow you to create the most diverse types of circuits in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

The use of this software will be of great value to students in the electrical area and for the elaboration of activities by teachers in the area of electrical, physics, automation, among others.

Excellent software for didactic and professional application.

The CADe SIMU Options Menu

In the Options Menu, we will try to understand the purpose of the resources presented in CADe SIMU in its options menu.

So let's start by reflecting:

  • What is the importance of knowing the options for the development of diagrams?
  • How can these changes interfere with the CADe SIMU software?

Options menu:

CADe SIMU has 6 option menus that assign actions and define important characteristics for its operation, they are:

  • File
  • To edit
  • To draw
  • Mode
  • View (Zoom)
  • Bars (Tools)
  • Window

We will now look at each of the menus mentioned above:

As usual, this menu has the function of opening, saving, printing, previewing the printing of projects, among others.

The limitations of the CADe SIMU software are known, however, this tool has several very useful and easy-to-use options, we will discuss the main of these functions.

A very important option of this menu is the configuration that is covered in full below.

File Options Menu – Configuration Option

In the configuration submenu, it will be possible to perform page formatting, printing options, simulation speed of the built projects, orientation of references and options for viewing the TAGs used in the project.

Format field

In the Format field we can define the dimensions of the project page, there are 4 predefined dimensions and one more custom option, note:

  • Vertical A4 – When selecting this option, we can observe the project creation area assumes the vertical shape in the dimensions of a standard A4 sheet. Watch:
  •  Horizontal A4 – Selecting this option, we observe that the project creation area assumes the horizontal shape in the dimensions of a standard A4 sheet. Watch:
  • A3 format 1 – This option provides the project creation area with the dimensions of a standard A3 sheet horizontally, filling the entire dimension of the sheet. Watch:
  • A3 format 2 – When selecting this option, we will have the project area again assuming the dimensions of a standard A3 sheet horizontally, however, considering an indentation to the left. Watch:
  • Custom – This mode allows you to define a specific dimension for the project area, just type the desired measurements in mm in the height (Alt) and width (Width) fields.

If you still don't have the software, download it by clicking here.

Download CADe SIMU V4 Software

Download PC SIMU V3 Software

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