In teckhme.I will give you a list of 40 project ideas for PLC programming, but it would be important to note that the complexity of each project will vary and some may require additional equipment or resources to complete. Also, it's important to note that some of these projects may not be suitable for beginners, but rather for more advanced students or professionals.

1.    Automatic filling machine
2.    Conveyor belt control system
3.    Traffic light control system
4.    Automatic temperature control system
5.    Automatic bottle filling machine
6.    Automatic car parking system
7.    Automatic door opener
8.    Industrial process control
9.    Automatic washing machine control
10.    Automatic irrigation system
11.    Automatic vending machine
12.    Automatic lift control system
13.    Automatic water level control system
14.    Automatic lighting control system
15.    Automatic packaging machine
16.    Automatic paint spraying machine
17.    Automatic lathe control system
18.    Automatic printing machine control
19.    Automatic welding machine control
20.    Automatic drilling machine control
21.    Automatic saw control system
22.    Automatic assembly line control
23.    Automatic paper cutting machine
24.    Automatic bottle labeling machine
25.    Automatic palletizer
26.    Automatic packaging line control
27.    Automatic bottle capping machine
28.    Automatic bottle inspection system
29.    Automatic sorting machine control
30.    Automatic folding machine control
31.    Automatic glue dispensing machine
32.    Automatic inkjet printing machine
33.    Automatic carton sealing machine
34.    Automatic blow molding machine control
35.    Automatic injection molding machine control
36.    Automatic form-fill-seal machine
37.    Automatic stretch wrapping machine
38.    Automatic shrink wrapping machine
39.    Automatic paper bag making machine
40.    Automatic food processing machine control.


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