What is PLC Trainer ?

 A PLC trainer is a training tool used to teach the principles of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and how to program them. It usually consists of a simulator or emulator of a PLC, which can be used to create and test PLC programs without needing a physical PLC. Some PLC simulators also include a set of input and output devices, such as push buttons, lights and sensors, which can be connected to the PLC simulator to mimic a real-world control system.

DFC trainers are often used in professional schools, technical colleges and universities to teach students DFC and industrial control systems. They can also be used by professionals in the field to learn new programming languages and troubleshoot PLC systems.

There are different types of PLC trainers available on the market, some of them are standalone units and others come as software that runs on a computer. Some of the popular software trainers are RSLogix 5000, Siemens S7-1200 and free software PLC-Emulator.

PLC trainers have several advantages, including:
1.    Hands-on training: PLC trainers allow students and professionals to practice programming and troubleshooting PLCs in a safe, controlled environment without the need for a real-world system.
2.    Cost-effective: PLC trainers are often less expensive than purchasing a physical PLC and the necessary input/output devices.
3.    Flexibility: PLC trainers can be used to simulate a wide variety of control systems, allowing students and professionals to learn about different types of PLCs and applications.
4.    Safety: PLC trainers allow students to experiment and make mistakes without causing damage to real-world equipment or posing a safety risk.
5.    Convenience: PLC trainers can be used at any time and place, students can practice and learn at their own pace, which is especially convenient for online learning or distance education.
6.    Portability: Some PLC trainers come in small sizes and can be easily transported, this can be convenient for training on site.
7.    Integration: Some PLC trainers software can be integrated with other software such as HMI, SCADA and motion control, this can provide a more realistic training experience.

PLC trainer software

PLC trainer software is a program that simulates the functionality of a programmable logic controller (PLC) on a computer. It allows users to create, edit, and test PLC programs without the need for a physical PLC.

Some popular PLC trainer software include:
1.RSLogix 5000: This software is developed by Rockwell Automation and is used for programming Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and SoftLogix PLCs. It features a user-friendly interface and includes a library of pre-built functions.

2.Siemens S7-1200: This software is developed by Siemens and is used for programming Siemens S7-1200 PLCs. It features an intuitive user interface and includes a wide range of pre-built functions.

3.PLC-Emulator: This is a free software that emulates a wide variety of PLCs and allows users to create, edit, and test PLC programs. It is a good option for students and professionals who are just starting to learn about PLCs.

4.PLC WorkShop Suite: This software is developed by AEG and is used for programming Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and MicroLogix PLCs, it includes a variety of tools for PLC programming and simulation.

5.PLCTrainer: This software is developed by Business Industrial Network, it is a comprehensive PLC training software that simulates Allen-Bradley PLCs and includes step-by-step tutorials and exercises.

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