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An email tracker is a tool or software that allows you to track and monitor the delivery, open rates, and engagement of your emails. Email tracking works by embedding a small image or pixel in the body of the email, which sends a signal back to the sender when the email is opened or clicked on.

With email tracking, you can see who opened your email, when it was opened, how many times it was opened, and even from which device or location it was opened. This information can be useful for sales and marketing teams who want to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns and improve their communication strategies.

Email tracking can also be a privacy concern for some users, as it allows the sender to collect data on their email behavior. Some email clients and services, such as Gmail and Outlook, allow users to disable email tracking or block external images from loading by default.

To use email tracking, you can follow these general steps:

  • Choose an email tracking tool: There are several email tracking tools available in the market, including HubSpot, Yesware, Boomerang, and Mailtrack. Choose a tool that meets your needs and integrates with your email client.
  • Install the tracking tool: Most email tracking tools come with a browser extension or plugin that you can install on your email client. Once installed, the tool will automatically track your emails.
  • Compose your email: Write your email as you normally would. You can add any additional tracking options, such as scheduling the email to send at a specific time or adding a follow-up reminder.
  • Send your email: Send your email as you normally would. The tracking tool will automatically embed a tracking pixel in your email.
  • Track your email: Once your email is sent, you can track its delivery and engagement by checking the tracking tool dashboard or email notifications. You can see who opened your email, when it was opened, and if any links were clicked. 

you can download the email Tracking :


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