Download G Code & CNC Machining (Siemens NX CAM Introduction) Course


Join our Siemens NX CAD/CAM Post Builder & Sheet Metal course and become proficient in CAM manufacturing. This practical guide is designed for beginners in the field of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and CAM.

The course begins with a comprehensive Siemens NX CAM overview, serving as a prerequisite for NX CAM. Gain an understanding of various CNC cutting tools such as end mills, face mills, corner rounding tools, slot tools, and spot center drills.

Explore 2D and 3D milling toolpaths, and delve into the world of G and M codes, including the contents of G code files. Familiarize yourself with the structure of CNC programming language, known as the G code file structure.

This detailed introduction to CNC covers essential definitions and parameters related to the CNC machining process. Through practical exercises, you will learn how to perform a roughing operation in NX CAM, from start to finish, including extracting the G code.

Discover the general workflow for transforming a CAD model into a machined CNC part. The course has been thoughtfully designed to be completed in 1.5 hours, providing an easy and simplified learning experience.

Expand your knowledge further by gaining an overview of G codes and M codes, along with their respective functions. Understand the block format and restrictions associated with CNC blocks. Additionally, explore CNC cutting parameters and CNC coordinate systems.

Prepare yourself for success in the CNC and CAM field with our comprehensive Siemens NX CAD/CAM Post Builder & Sheet Metal course.


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