PhD thesis:Control strategy of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) battery system

The objective of this research work concerns the development of robust and efficient control and state estimation strategies, for the optimization of the operation of three configurations of photovoltaic energy production systems: photovoltaic storage system, system pumping system and photovoltaic system connected to the electricity grid. These control strategies guarantee properties of stability and robustness in servo-control and regulation. 

In addition, an estimate of the evolution of the state variables of each configuration is possible using state observers or software sensors. This work focuses on improving the performance and efficiency of stand-alone and grid-connected photovoltaic systems, through the use of advanced control algorithms for controlling the DC / DC and DC / AC power interfaces. The control of the DC / DC converter allows the tracking of the maximum MPPT power point of the photovoltaic generator for a better efficiency of use of the photovoltaic generator. The inverter controller injects a synchronized sinusoidal output current into the power grid and improves the quality of power fed into the grid.

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