Three-phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram with a direct online starter

 Today, We are  here to share with you the wiring diagram of the three-phase submersible pump. Among them, I use a magnetic contactor to control a three-phase submersible pump motor. Not only is it a contactor, but I also installed a thermal overload relay, which can protect the motor from being burned if overcurrent flows into the circuit. In the picture, I show a 3-pole MCCB circuit breaker, electromagnetic contactor, thermal overload protection relay, and normally open and normally closed button switches. Three-phase submersible pump motor and wire connection. This will be a complete guide to using a magnetic contactor to control a three-phase submersible pump motor.

 Three-phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram with a direct online starter 

 First, see the 3 phase submersible pump wiring diagram and after that,we will explain each step of the below connection diagram. 


In the above figure, we have shown the L1, L2, L3 and N-line input power in red, yellow, blue, and black. Among them, the red, yellow, and blue three-phase wires, and the black wire is the neutral wire.

 • Input power enters the MCCB circuit breaker. we have shown a three-pole MCCB circuit breaker used to control a three-phase power supply, you can use the circuit breaker to open/close. Then the neutral wire is direct. If you want to control the neutral wire, use a 4-pole circuit breaker.

• In the picture above, I showed the electromagnetic contactor that I also explained, the electromagnetic contactor wired after the circuit breaker. Click here to learn about magnetic contactors. 

• After the conductor, complete the connection between the contactor load main contact and the thermal overload relay main input terminal.

• The phase wire connection comes from the MCCB output terminal and is connected to the NC button switch, and then from the normally closed switch to the magnetic auxiliary normally open contact. And it is a normally open switch. The wire from the normally open switch will be connected to the other side of the normally open auxiliary contact and the status coil. 

• The neutral wire is connected to the normally closed contact of the thermal overload relay. And form the other side of the thermal overload relay normally closed contact wire leads to the other end of the electromagnetic contactor coil. 

• Finally, connect the three-phase motor or three-phase submersible pump to the main terminal of the thermal overload relay. 

• Also connect the ground wire to the switchboard and motor.


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