Principle of operation of an electric generator

 The electric generator works thanks to two fundamental physical principles: - the effect of electromagnetic induction discovered by Faraday. This is because the variation of a magnetic induction flux through a copper coil creates an induced electric current through the coil.
  • Lenz's law which links the variation of flux (induced by the movement) to the induced electromotive force, that is to say to the electric voltage produced. Thus, the alternators consist of two distinct parts. A fixed part called stator and a rotating part called Rotor.
  • The stator constitutes the induced part. Its role is to receive the induction produced by the electromagnetic effect generated by the rotational movement of the rotor, to transform it into electric current. Note The price of the gasoline-powered portable electric generator has the advantage of being relatively low compared to those that use diesel or natural gas. However, care must be taken not to use expired fuel in order to avoid malfunction of the unit.

Generator Features

  • Power: Generators with a wide power range are readily available. Low and high output requirements can be easily met by choosing the ideal generator with the correct output.
  • Fuel: Generators are available in a variety of fuels, such as diesel, gasoline, natural gas, LPG, etc.
  • Noise: Some generator models have noise reducing technology, which allows them to be kept at close proximity without any noise pollution problems.
  • Portability: There are generators available in the market which have wheels or handles fitted on them so that they can be moved from one place to another easily.

Applications of electric generators

  •     Electric generators are useful for homes, shops, offices, etc. which face frequent power outages. They act as a backup to ensure that the appliances receive uninterrupted power supply.
  •     In distant areas, where electricity from the main line cannot be accessed, electric generators act as the primary source of power supply.
  •     When working on project sites where electricity cannot be accessed from the grid, electr ..


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