Low voltage audio amplifier circuit

As you know, amplifiers are usually used to convert low voltage signals to higher voltage signals with some amplification. Audio amplifiers take weak audio as an input signal and convert it to a higher voltage audio output. However, some amplifiers offer lower gain, lower voltage outputs. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will create a "Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier Circuit". For this, we use the LM386 IC. The IC offers a voltage range of 4V to 12V with a low quiescent current of 4mA. The IC requires fewer external parts and is therefore easier to use. Also, this IC is affordable and affordable.

Circuit Diagram

 Working Explanation

To make a low voltage audio power amplifier circuit, connect the components according to the diagram above. Now the main component LM386 IC has 8 pins. Pins 2 and 3 are input pins, so audio is routed to these pins. The potentiometer on pin 2 controls the output volume of the audio. Additionally, power is provided at pin 6 and pin 4 is grounded. Pins 1 and 8 are gain pins and are connected together using resistor R2 and capacitor C4. Finally, pin 5 is the output pin that drives the load.

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