The Complete Guide to Electrical Wiring 2022.

 The purpose of the Electrical Installation Guide is to help designers and installers in the design of electrical installations that comply with the standards in force such as the French standard NF C 15-100 and the international standard CEI60364.

Please refer to the NF C 15-100 standard for your electrical work

This nf c 15-100 standard first came into force in 1969, before being transformed as technological developments and an ever-increasing desire for security were developed. The last changes to the law date from 2016.

The NF C 15-100 standard ensures proper operation and total electrical safety, both in equipment, equipment and materials

If, on the merits, the creation of electrical circuits responds to logical parameters, that each electrical diagram responds to a precise method, the implementation remains complex for ordinary mortals. It requires the intervention of professional electricians.

Not only would "tinkered" electrical work probably be synonymous with malfunctions, which could lead to increased electricity consumption, but they would also carry a certain danger for people and their equipment.

Many are the fires caused in France by defective or patched up installations. Hence the respect of basic rules for a good installation of electricity.

Required elements of an electrical circuit

A good electrical network must have:

  • An efficient branch circuit breaker or differential circuit breaker,
  • A quality earth connection that evacuates current leaks to the ground,
  • A distribution board equipped with circuit breakers or branch circuit breakers.

An electrical installation also includes various elements such as a meter, a panel, a load shedder, a differential switch, or a contactor. But also conductors in good condition and in section according to the needs of the house, electrical connections protected by a sheath and/or rigid rods, reinforced security in certain rooms such as wet rooms (bathroom, shower, kitchen).

As far as the electrical circuit is concerned, the wiring is done with wires of different sections, using an electric octopus if possible.

Electrical outlets must also respect safety measures in their installation and their number in each room.

  • Wires and circuits: beware danger

This is obviously what most characterizes an electrical installation: the wires that hide in ducts throughout the house. These sheaths may have two or three wires, depending on whether they need to be grounded for protection.

There are different electrical circuits inside the housing, each of which corresponds to a type of use and to an appliance. The 32 A circuit will for example be dedicated to the hob, it will not be the same as that dedicated to the oven.

These circuits can be in series or in shunt. They will ultimately all be connected to the distribution board using wires. These famous wires that can become headaches when it comes to simply changing a switch or an outlet. Each electrical installation diagram has its own codes and references.

And in these few benchmarks, it is important to clearly differentiate the colors: today, unlike old installations, the wires must respect well-defined color codes, as indicated below.
  • Basic safety gestures
Whatever happens, when carrying out electrical work, there are also basic actions to be carried out:
  1.      Always turn off the power at the general circuit breaker
  2.      Never open the circuit breaker and never touch the incoming wires
  3.      To install electrical conduits, you must identify where to install them before drilling into a wall or ceiling
  4.      Never handle an electrical device with wet hands or with your feet in water.

To clean or repair an electrical device, always unplug it. If your electricity consumption is abnormally high, call an electrician or your energy supplier to carry out a check.

Mandatory electrical diagnosis of your electrical installation

Among these mandatory elements, it is also necessary to anticipate the mandatory electrical diagnosis . It is an essential act in the context of the sale of a property or its rental.

Electrical diagnostics are part of the mandatory real estate diagnostics.

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