How to disable the waiting counter when the Windows takes off 30 seconds

 When Windows starts, it waits about 30 seconds before opening the startup program. This "startup delay" allows desktop and system services to load, making everything run smoother. You can speed up your computer startup by simply changing Windows startup settings or registry values. 

 The 10- or 30-second delay after Windows starts but before the application starts loading gives the operating system time to load into memory and perform any necessary system tasks before applications start requesting resources. The registry hack we discuss in this article can reduce or disable the startup delay, which means it works for all startup applications. It is not possible to apply this technique only to a specific application. 

 The problem or process is shown in the picture below:

How to disable Windows 10 startup delay

First method:

To hide Startup Boot counts in Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11, follow these steps:

  • In the search menu type "System Configuration", click on the first option and run it as administrator.

  • The following screen will appear, click on the Boot or démarer section.

  • In the Timeout field on the right of the screen, you can change the number 30 to any other number such as 5 or 10. In case you want the regular screen not to be displayed when Windows boots up, change the number to the number "0".
  • Now save the new settings by clicking Apply and then OK.

Second method:

There is another method similar to the above method by which you can reduce or cancel the boot time of Windows, which is as follows:

  • Right click on This PC and select Properties.

  • On the next page, click Advanced System Settings.
  • Then another page will appear in the Startup and Recovery settings section, click on Settings
  • Here you can change the long time when the Windows system takes off by changing the number 30, or you can cancel it by removing the brand from the first option Time to Display List of Operating Systems.

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