SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System

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What is PCS 7 ? 

The process control system created by Siemens called PCS 7 is an automation system based on the hardware of Step 7 and the process control philosophie of Teleperm. These two systems combined created a proven in use and developed for industry hardware base, with an easy to use low custom content software platform. In practice PCS 7 is a control system for process automation that has features like batch process control, process safety control, route control, power control , Telecontrol (DNP3) and standard process control on a defined and a Siemens maintained library included. 

Where is PCS 7 used? 

 PCS 7 is mainly used in the process industries. a couple of industries that would benefit from using PCS 7 are: 

  • Water and Waste water
  •  Food and Beverage 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Mining and minerals 

 This is due to the high degree of elements in a single process line, or the way of producing. When talking about single line – single product production on a small scale, TIA Portal should be used. In multi line or multi product cases or bigger single line instance, PCS 7 is usually the better option. 

Why is PCS 7 used? 

The key features of PCS 7 will usually benefit the bigger, or more complex process lines, or process sites. This is due to the set of tools available for PCS 7 that are complementary to the process industry world. The key features that could be of use to the individual users are: 

  • A standard library maintained by the supplier 
  •  Safety and basic process control in one PLC 
  •  Scalable automation layer
  • Redundancy on all levels  
  • Standard options for Route control, batch control, remote PLCs and specialised protocol communication 

if you need to download SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System click  :

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