Siemens SIMOTION Motion Control Communication


SIMOTION SCOUT, the powerful engineering and commissioning tool for Siemens motion control systems, thrives on communication. Whether exchanging data with other devices, configuring networks, or interacting with visualization tools, understanding communication options is crucial. This article navigates the diverse communication landscape of SIMOTION SCOUT, equipping you with the knowledge to seamlessly connect your motion control system to the wider automation world.

Diverse Communication Avenues:

SIMOTION SCOUT offers a rich tapestry of communication protocols, catering to various needs and application scenarios. Here are some key players:

  • PROFINET: The preferred choice for high-speed, deterministic communication within Siemens automation systems. SIMOTION SCOUT seamlessly integrates with PROFINET networks, enabling data exchange with drives, PLCs, and other PROFINET devices.
  • Industrial Ethernet: This versatile protocol extends communication beyond Siemens territory. SIMOTION SCOUT utilizes TCP/IP and UDP for communication with non-Siemens devices, PCs, and even cloud platforms.
  • S7 Communication: For seamless integration with the popular SIMATIC S7 PLC family, SIMOTION SCOUT employs S7 communication options like PUT/GET, S7 routing, and OPC server functionality.
  • Fieldbus Protocols: For legacy compatibility or specialized applications, SIMOTION SCOUT supports popular fieldbus protocols like PROFIBUS and INTERBUS.

Beyond Networks: Internal Communication:

Communication within SIMOTION SCOUT itself plays a crucial role. The LCom library simplifies communication between tasks within the controller, facilitating data exchange and coordinated motion control operations.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Connectivity:

SIMOTION SCOUT provides valuable tools to further enhance communication:

  • IT DIAG and IT OPC XML-DA: These features enable communication with IT systems and visualization tools, bringing real-time motion control data into supervisory systems and dashboards.
  • SIMOTION VM: This virtual machine option within SIMOTION SCOUT allows communication with other operating systems and third-party software, opening doors to further customization and integration.

Mastering the Language of Communication:

To utilize these communication options effectively, familiarizing yourself with the relevant tools and settings is key. SIMOTION SCOUT provides intuitive configuration tools for network interfaces, communication protocols, and data exchange parameters. Additionally, extensive documentation and technical support ensure smooth navigation of the communication landscape.



By understanding the diverse communication options and advanced features provided by SIMOTION SCOUT, you can unlock the full potential of your motion control system. From seamlessly integrating with other devices to connecting with the digital world, mastering the language of communication empowers you to build robust, interconnected, and future-proof motion control solutions.

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